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Covering Housing in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee!

November 12, 2022 - With a drop in interest rates is this a new trend or just a temporary correction?  Plus, how long will real estate prices continue to fall and by how much? The answers may be surprising:  seg 1 LISTEN HERE seg 2 LISTEN HERE seg 3 LISTEN HERE seg 4 LISTEN HERE

September 17, 2022 - How County Tax Offices are 'hosing' homeowners!  Plus, the market is a roller coaster: does it rise or fall?  seg 1 LISTEN HERE.  seg 2 LISTEN HERE.  seg 3 LISTEN HERE.  seg 4 LISTEN HERE.

September 3, 2022- Is the real estate market on the brink of collapse or is this just another fake media frenzy?  seg 1 LISTEN HERE.  seg 2 LISTEN HERE.  seg 3 LISTEN HERE.  seg 4 LISTEN HERE.

July 27 - Plummeting mortgage applications, volatile interest rates and fed rate hikes: Is housing on the brink of collapse or could all of these symptoms just be the sign of normalization?  seg 1 LISTEN HERE.  seg 2 LISTEN HERE.  seg 3 LISTEN HERE.  seg 4 LISTEN HERE.

June 25 - Are 75% of housing markets really over-valued?  How over-valued is GA, SC and FL?  You may be shocked!  Plus what the fed rate hikes are causing in the housing market:  Is this a bubble, shift, lull or a crash forthcoming?  Segment 1 LISTEN HERE. Seg 2 LISTEN HERE. Seg 3 LISTEN HERE. Seg 4 LISTEN HERE

MAY 8 - Just how over-valued is real estate?  Moody's says it is in 97% of the country.  Plus as Zillow stock plummets, what does this say for the future of housing values?  Is there a correction or crash in our future?  The answer may surprise you even with rising rates!  Segment 1 LISTEN HERE. Seg 2 LISTEN HERE. Seg 3 LISTEN HERE. Seg 4 LISTEN HERE

April 23 - How to read the future of mortgage interest rates before it occurs.  Plus, what does nearly a 50% plummet in mortgage applications mean for the future of housing.  The answer may shock you!  Segment 1 LISTEN HERE. Seg 2 LISTEN HERE. Seg 3 LISTEN HERE. Seg 4 LISTEN HERE

April 9 - Could interest rates end the year as high as 7 or 8%?  Is inflation just 7.2% or is it really 16-20%?  What happens to Housing values once rates cross 6%?  Segment 1 LISTEN HERE. Seg 2 LISTEN HERE. Seg 3 LISTEN HERE. Seg 4 LISTEN HERE

March 12 - Radio Show - How the Ukraine Crisis continues to be good for the housing marketing and bad for the economy.  Plus HOW TO PROTECT you or your elderly family members from housing scams that 'steal their equity.'  Listen here: Seg 1  Seg 2  Seg 3  Seg 4

February 12 - Radio Show - The Housing Inventory Crisis.  Why are there so few properties for sale?  What caused it?  And, what will the future hold for housing?  Is this a major bubble or a new reality?  LISTEN HERE.  

February 26 - Radio Show - How Will the Invasion of Ukraine Effect Interest Rates, The Economy and Housing?  Plus just how bad is our current inventory crisis going to get? Segment 1 LISTEN HERE. Seg 2 LISTEN HERE. Seg 3 LISTEN HERE. Seg 4 LISTEN HERE

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